Welder Fabricator

Marengo, IA

ASG-ZE is looking for individuals who can thrive in a fast-paced light industrial environment that involves working with and around moving machinery, feed stock, electronic controls, and high-quality product production. Our production facilities are technologically advanced warehouses where our team members work to give waste asphalt shingle and other materials new life as highly valuable products for use in many industries.  ASG-ZE and C6-Zero use our proprietary process and equipment to deconstruct asphalt shingles back into their basic components including: high quality oil, high quality aggregate, and clean fiberglass.


  • $25.00-$28.00 per hour

Who we are

We are men, women, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, friends, citizens, and patriots.  We strive daily to serve and honor each other, our customers, the communities in which we work in, and our country.  We give back to our communities through fiscal stewardship and generosity as well as good works. 

  • We Love the communities that we work within, this means we focus on the communities in which we work to be good citizens and reinvest in those communities.
  • We are devoted to making a positive lasting impact in the communities, states, and country we work within. 
  • We are devoted to high impact environmentally sound solutions that improve these. 
  • We are devoted to the men and women that work with us, and champion and respect them in all that we do

Working in an ASG-ZE/C6-Zero Production Facility

We work to transform waste materials into products that are valuable and needed by our customers.  We work to keep the waste from landfills and strive to deliver our products in the highest possible quality to market for reuse.  At our operational facilities we deconstruct waste products back into their basic components with pride and care so that those components can serve a purpose to help our communities and country.  Our facilities are light industrial in nature and we take great pride in cleanliness, a positive and uplifting work culture, and holding each other up to a high standard of quality and pride.  What we do matters, it is impactful, and important.

  • There is nothing more important than safety, working safely to protect each team member.  We expect every team member to keep safety first in their mind and to be diligent to ensure personal and team safety at all times
  • We are committed and strive to provide safe work environments. This means you will wear personal protection gear and attire for your safety.  These can include eye protection, hearing protection, helmet, steel toe boots, gloves, reflective attire, face shields, wet weather gear, and we recommend durable and comfortable work pants, and full-length sleeves for your safety and comfort.
  • A relaxed yet respectful and appropriate dress code gives you freedom to move around and feel comfortable (but safe) while working.
  • Serving the needs of our customers is critical, employee flexibility is key; team members should be open to working voluntary and mandatory extra hours and to working at a pace to meet production requirements
  • Quality and care of work is a core element in our success.  We require each team member to maintain high quality in work, attitude, and in how they treat others
  • Some facility areas can be warm or cold depending on the day, time of year, and weather. 
  • Some tasks will require standing for extended periods of time (up to 10-12 hours a day), while others involve walking around the facility, including climbing stairs – comfortable, steel toe shoes are required

Job Requirements

  • Custom fabrication of equipment in manufacturing environment
  • Be familiar with typical shop tools
  • Work with cutting torches, plasma cutter, and pulse welder
  • Able to be a team member, but capable of working with little to no supervision
  • Reliable and punctual
  • Perform Rework as required
  • Comply with safety policies and keep a clean organized workspace
  • Ability to lift, push, pull, and carry 50 pounds safely
  • Ability to accurately read a tape measure, and use precision measuring tools
  • Ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide using whole numbers, fractions, and
  • Ability to adapt to work change and shifting priorities



  • Access to company health care benefits on the 1st of the month after date of hire for full time team members
  • Holiday pay for full time team members
  • Overtime pay for hourly employees
  • Access to company 401K program after 90 days for full time team members
  • We also offer flexible work schedules for team members who are unable to work full time